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Why Faith?

20 Jun 2018

…for we walk by faith, not by sight.

2 Corinthians 5,7

“I will believe it once I can see it…”
I am sure that you have heard that phrase before, yet this understanding of believe is completely wrong. Because when you walk by faith you cannot walk by sight at the same time. You have to choose one or the other.

To believe something means to believe it ALTHOUGH you haven’t seen it yet and while the option to doubt is still there.
If you wouldn’t have the option to doubt, you wouldn't need to believe it, for you would simply see it. On the other hand, once you chose to believe it, then you will see the fruits of your faith. 

Now the reason why faith is so important is because it requires faith to come in contact with the supernatural.
All the power of God, the power that He created the universe with, that He resurrected Jesus with and that He has saved and blessed so many with already, is of no effect in YOUR life, as long as YOU don’t choose to believe. 

So faith is a choice that connects you to the supernatural. Everyone can make the choice to believe and everyone can decide for themselves to what extend they want to let faith rule in their life.

So don’t stick with just believing enough to be born again. Use faith when it comes to your health, to your finances, your relationship, your friends, your work and your whole life. That is how you won’t just be supernaturally born again, but also enjoy the supernatural every day, in all areas of your life. 

When you believe God especially where most people doubt, you will enjoy the supernatural victory where there is only defeat for others! 

It is important for you to continuously walk by faith and act upon it, for all of Gods power, the power He created the universe with, that He resurrected Jesus with and with which He does everything He does, is of no effect in your life, unless you believe!
Believing is knowing that something exists without having seen it and while the option to doubt is still there. Faith is a choice and you should choose a lifestyle of faith, because faith connects you to the supernatural.
Believe God where many others doubt and you won’t fail where many others do!
(2. Corinthians 5,9 & Hebrews 11,1-12)