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What about Kids?

19 Jun 2018

Train up a child in the way he should go;
even when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22,6

Many still believe that kids are automatically born sinners and have to receive God before they can be blessed by Him or be with Him, incase they die prematurely, but that is a lie and not the Word of God!

Gods Word teaches us that parents have authority over their children until the children are old enough to decide for themselves, and that is why it is up to the parents a lot more than you thought. 

Just like you and I, every child is born with a choice, for or against God, and as long as the child is immature, the parents choose for him.
If the parents go with God and are His children, then the kid will be born as a blessed child of God, sin free and free from any other junk. That is how the kid can enjoy the blessing of God until it is old enough to choose God himself and thereby continue in the blessing. Not as sinner but as child of God all along!

Now if that kid comes from parents that don’t walk with God and made a choice against Him, then the children will suffer from it, but even if the child dies prematurely, it will still get the option to choose God after death. The parents are able to keep the kids from being blessed, yet they can never keep them from choosing God! 

God gave me that revelation when I asked Him for more insight on that topic and it helped me realise more and more how important the role of parents truly is. 

You, as parent, should train your child up in the ways of God and live as example and representative of God himself, so that your kid gets to know God personally and understands who God truly is. Not religion, but the living God.
And when you raise your child up that way, then it will never waver when it has to choose God himself!

No matter how old or young your kids might be, they are still your children and it is not too late for them to get to know God through You. Show them who God truly is!

Children are not automatically born as sinners, yet just like You and I, they are born with a choice, for or against God!
Now until the child is of age and able to choose himself, the parents make the choice for the kid, and if the kid dies without the parents having chosen God, the kid will still get the chance to choose God himself.
You as parent are the one that should guide the child into the ways of God though, teaching Him good from bad and being a living example of God himself! If your kid gets to know God through you, it won’t waver when it’s old enough to choose himself. Show your kids who God truly is! (Deuteronomy 30,19 & Proverbs 22,6)