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God-like Living

17 Jun 2018

If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God;
if any man minister, let him do it as of the ability which God giveth:
that God in all things may be glorified…

1 Peter 4,11

I used to think that as believers we have to live a good and pure life after the example of Jesus, but if anyone would have told me that I should try to live like God himself, I would have just laughed and thought that they have gone crazy.

Now I can imagine that it also sounds a little weird to you, if I tell you that YOU should and that you are able to live like God himself, but when you look up in the bible, what believers should be doing, then you will find that that is exactly what God expects us to do!

We should live exactly like Jesus lived and we should only speak the words that God speaks and only act in His power, just like Jesus did.
So why do so many people nowadays still think that it is wrong to live and act exactly like God? 

The goal of your life and the goal of every single day should be exactly that. 

Recognise Gods characteristics in yourself and find more that you might not have in you at the moment. Throw out everything in you that is not God-like and multiply and grow in those things that are! 

I mean do you really think that there is a better way of living and dealing with your problem than in Gods authority, His full power, His knowledge, His glory, etc.?
- There is no better way! 

It is Gods favor that made it possible for you to be just like Him and to represent Him in every aspect. You will be criticised for living like God does, but hey… after all you are living the truly GOOD life now! 

When you try to act like God by speaking His words and doing things the way He does, you will often get criticised, especially by Christians. But when you think about it, Christianity is all about becoming and acting like Jesus/God himself!
What better way is there to live your life and represent His kingdom, than living in Gods power and ability?
Keep developing your God-like characteristics. Throw out what’s not Him and increase those things that are. You will get criticised for living your life like God, but oh well… you’re living the good life now! (1. Peter 4,8-14)