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Restoration of Justice

15 Jun 2018

Behold, the Lord God comes with might,
and his arm rules for him;
behold, his reward is with him, and his recompense before him.

Isaiah 40,10

I hope that by now you already understood that God is good and that He only does good things, especially to those in His family. But now if that is true, why do we hear so many stories of something bad happening to people and that actually helping them to grow and get more blessed than they were before? Does that mean that God does bad things so that people can get more blessed by it?

I experienced a situation like that before and then I asked myself that same question, but with the understanding of God I had back then, it didn’t make any sense.
So then I asked God how to answer that question and because I was studying about vengeance and recompense at that time, He used it to explain it to me. 

This is what He said:
“When something bad happens to you and that bad thing makes it possible for you to receive something super-amazing, then I am not the one that did the bad thing to you, to be able to give you something good after. I am the one that executes recompense and thereby restores everything to you that was stolen and reimburses you for the time you suffered! The world has to pay for laying hand on a child of God!” 

So that means that the devil is the one that does something bad to you, yet God won’t allow something unjust to happen to His children. 

When God judges His people, it means that He restores justice, and because everything good belongs to you through Jesus, God restores justice by practicing recompense.
That means that He returns to you whatever was stolen and then gives you even more good things on top, to completely reimburse you. - That’s what it means when God judges His people! 

Gods recompense is here to bless and protect you! Give it room to operate in your life. 

When God recompenses you, it means that He restores everything to you that was rightfully yours, PLUS reimbursing you for what you had to go through.
When bad things happen to people and they come out even more blessed than before, it wasn’t God giving them the bad to bless them, BUT it was God executing recompense on your behalf for what the devil did to you!
God is a good father and when He restores justice, His children get blessed, not hurt! (Isaiah 40,10-11 & John 10,9-11)