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14 Jun 2018

But the more they afflicted/oppressed them,
the more they multiplied and grew.

Exodus 1,12

Many people suffer under too much pressure nowadays, some at their workplace and others in their private lives. This pressure moves many into sorrows, fear and other things, until it eventually crushes them.

Now you are not the only one with that pressure in your life though, because Israel was in the same situation that you are in, only that God uses them to show us how to overcome instead of being crushed. 

The Egyptians noticed that Israel was blessed by God and that they continually grew, so the Egyptians got scared and gave them hard work to cause them to get weaker.
That pressure was unjust though and because Israel was Gods people and they had Gods blessing on them, they weren’t crushed. To the contrary, the more they were pressured, the more Israel grew and the stronger they got, until that blessing overpowered the Egyptians. 

Just think of it like a sponge. When you are this sponge and you sucked all the blessing up until you're full, by feeding on it day in and day out and by keeping your body, your mind and your Spirit focused on the blessing, then only blessing can flow out of you as soon as pressure is applied. And that blessing is what has the force to increase your blessing, despite the pressure, while at the same time overpowering those oppressing you.

So start filling yourself up with Gods blessing today. Meditate it, become conscious of it and don’t let it out of your eyes. Then, when you are pressured the next time, you will only grow stronger, experience even more blessing and overpower those pressuring you!

Nothing can crush a man who is conscious of Gods blessing in their life. Be that man!

When someone is pressuring you, giving you a hard time and putting weight on you, don’t let that move you and instead become more mindful of Gods blessing on your life. When all you have inside you is blessing, in your body, your mind and your Spirit, then blessing is the only thing that can flow out of you as soon as someone puts pressure on you, until the blessing flowing out of you overpowers the one pressuring you.
Nothing can move a man who is conscious of Gods blessing on his/her life! Be that man! (Exodus 1,8-21)