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Whereto with my Tithe?

13 Jun 2018

Bring ye the whole tithe into the store- house,
that there may be food in my house…

Malachi 3,10

God did not change. He was always the same, He will always be the same and He wants to bless you today, just as much as He wanted to bless His friends back in the days. 

He is all knowing and He has all wisdom, and in His wisdom He already knew back then that the tithe is the best way to the blessing, and therefore He never had to change that, because today just like back in the days, the tithe opens the floodgates of heaven! 

Ironically, the tithe is usually ignored, no one wants to talk about it and only a minority actually give it. But that is exactly what the devil wants us to do, because he knows that if people started understanding the tithe and practicing it, he could not hold the blessing away from their houses any longer. 

So if you are tired of just barely making it and giving the devil room in your life, to eat all your fruits, then bring the tithe to the store-house, for then God will open the windows of heaven, with a 100% certainty, to pour you out a blessing, that you don't have room enough to contain. 

But what exactly is the store-house, where I should give my tithe to? 

The store-house is the source, where you get all your spiritual food from. 

That could be a church, a ministry, a bible study group or just a gathering of few people that come together to strengthen each other. It is not about the building or what's in it. It is all about the community of chosen/holy ones, that spread the unchanged word of the living God. 

The holy ones are not the ones that the catholic church made out to be holy, but they are those that have Jesus in their heart. And the chosen ones are the ones that made themselves available for God to do His works through. 

If you can say those things about your church, your bible study group, a ministry or any other type of community that strengthens you, that feed you with Gods word and that preach the unchanged word of God, then they are the suitable store-house for you to place your tithe in and to receive the blessing into your life. 

God is not out to get your money, but to get you the blessing. He does not change. Trust Him! 

If you are one of the few that have understood the importance of the tithe and the freedom and blessing that comes with it, then it is not time for you to sit around wondering, but believe God and give your tithe, expecting His promises! 
But don’t waste your tithe, by giving it away to the wrong place. It should be given to the store-house, which is the community of the chosen ones, where you get your spiritual food from. That might be a church, a ministry, a bible study group or any other place, where you get your spiritual food from, but the unaltered word of the living God has to be preached there. That is your storehouse, and that is where your tithe can be received and yield its promise. Give today and receive your blessing!
(Malachi 3,6-12 & John 10,10)