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The Seed of Abraham

06 Jun 2018

…Fear not; I will help thee.

Isaiah 41,13

Because Abraham was Gods friend, God was able to bless him like He did and therefore God could also transfer the blessing to the seed of Abraham (YOU), for you are His heir! 

Through Christ you were made the seed of Abraham and just like he was Gods friend and God was with him, so can you be Gods friend and enjoy the fellowship. 

But now what belongs to me as heir of Abraham? 

As Abrahams heir, you don't need to fear any longer, for God is with you. 
Everyone that is against you and wants to hurt you will fail and you will take no harm.
No one will want to be your enemy and even if people rise up against you, they will be no problem for you, so that you can just flick them back into their caves with your little finger. 
God himself will help you in all your decisions and all your doings. 
God enables you to crush the mountains in your life (problems, cares, anxieties, sickness,…) and you will make them like chaff that is carried away by the wind. 
God will provide you with everything you need and turn your dry desert into a spring of water. … 

Those are just a few of the many things that belong to you as heir and that you should expect to show up in your life. 

Believe God and thereby become His friend, and all those promises and many more will follow you in your day to day life and in everything you do! 

You are the seed of Abraham and if you are uncertain of what your heritage includes, just have a look at at Isaiah 41 verses 8-20. 
No fear, for God strengthens you. No one able to stand against you. Removing mountains, living in complete joy, always satisfied with all your needs met. Gods help and power in every situation and many more.  
Renew your mind to the abundance of favor that God gave to you as the seed of Abraham, and then start living in it! (Isaiah 41,8-20)