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Unmerited Favor

04 Jun 2018

And if by grace, then is it no more of works:
otherwise grace is no more grace.

Romans 11,6

Grace is unmerited favor, benefit, kindness and preference in everything you do, that brings change with it. It is the power that God made available to YOU, so that you don't have to live by your own works any more, but can live through His power and His ability. 

Your flesh is weak and if you would receive according to your works, then you couldn't expect much more than death, because you miss it every now and then, and the wages of sin are death. Death in your relationship, your job, your body, … 

So that means that you can NEVER be righteous before God by your own works and therefore could never receive from Him, which is the reason why He gave you His grace as GIFT, so that you are treated BETTER than you “deserve”

Everything you try to do in your own works will eventually bring death, and everything you do through grace will bring Gods results (healing, empowerment, peace, joy, abundance, … blessing). 

His unmerited favor brings you success where there is no way out, it brings you joy where there is depression, it will get you a job and a raise even tough you don't have the qualifications and it takes you out of your circumstances and transfers you into a life where His power and His ability sets your limits (not your own). 

Don't live by your works any longer and don't be limited by what you can do in your own strength.
Live by the unmerited grace/favor of God that takes you way further than your own works could, and let Gods power, Gods strength and Gods ability determine your limits!

Grace is Gods unmerited favor, given to you so that it will promote, benefit, prefer, bless and change you and everything around you! 
This favor does in no way depend on your works, but on your faith, and if you step out in faith and start receiving according to Gods favor instead of your works, your wages will be His strength, His power, His ability, His peace and everything that belongs to Him. 
Stop limiting your life by what your works would permit you, and let Gods unmerited favor determine what you have, what you get and who you are!
(Romans 11,6 & 2. Corinthians 6,1-2)