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Out of the Old

03 Jun 2018

Repent, because the kingdom of heaven is near!

Matthew 3,2

The word “near” in the greek doesn't only mean that Gods kingdom is right outside the door. It means that it was brought close and that you can live in it now already, but cannot yet experience its fullness. 

So that means, that a life of heaven on earth, even though it is only a taste of what's to come, is prepared for you and you can receive it as long as you repent! 

To repent means to rethink, to change your way of thinking and to renew your mind, due to revelation. It means to adapt to the system of heaven by renewing your mind, due to revelation received from Gods word, and by adapting to the way of doing things in the kingdom of heaven. 
That's how you start living in that kingdom, and through more revelation you will enter that kingdom more and more. 

Repentance is nothing negative, but promises you complete freedom, only through revelation from Gods word, through rejecting of the old (worldly) way of doings things and through practicing the new way. 

That's how you can live in heaven on earth right here and now, and even though it is just a taste of what's to come, it will be more than enough to meet your every need, to give you all the desires of your heart and to provide peace in every area of life. 
(Just imagine what you could do with just one brick stone from the streets of God (a brick made of pure Gold)…) 

God wants YOU and YOUR children to be well. Renew your thinking and adapt to the kingdom way, for then you and your children will enjoy the true life. The highest level of being blessed that man can enjoy! 

Renew your mind and adapt to Gods kingdom way of doing things (repent), for the kingdom of heaven is near! 
You can already start living in the kingdom of heaven in this life, and you can experience its blessings right now, but to do so, you first need to adapt to the kingdom principles, rules, etc. by renewing your mind (repenting). 
Repent from your old (worldly) ways and adapt to the kingdom ways, because a life of heaven on earth is what you have been waiting for all your life!
(Matthew 3,2 & Romans 12,2)