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Power from On High

02 Jun 2018

…until ye be clothed with power from on high!

Luke 24,49

Back then, the disciples had to wait for a short period until the promise of the Holy Spirit, the power from on high, would come to them, but YOU only have to wait as long as it takes you to make the decision to receive that Spirit into your life. 

The power from on high (from God himself) is already available to you and now it is up to you to receive it!

Many think that the disciples back in the days had it so much better than we have it now, because they had Jesus in the flesh. Jesus himself said though, that the power from on high, that YOU have available right now, is far better than His presence in the flesh. 

In the flesh He can only communicate to you on a fleshy level, but if you receive the Spirit that also led Him (the Spirit of God), then He can lead you from the inside out and do the works through you that He did through Jesus!

Even the disciples, when they still were with Jesus in the flesh, didn't do much more than just doubt all the time, and only after Jesus left and the power from on high came (the power that led Jesus), miracles started happening through them, that only happened through Jesus before. 

So YOU have the best prerequisites for overcoming, and just like God gave the Holy Spirit to His disciples, He will give it to you if you only receive. 

It is time that you start going beyond your human limits and do the impossible. Your life should be filled with wonders and signs of Gods grace, starting with your own perfection (wholeness) and continuing with the completion of others. 

Receive the power from on high and RULE over your life and your circumstances! 

Cloth yourself with the “power from on high”!
After Jesus left, He sent you the power from on high, that is just like having Jesus right here and even better than that! That power is Gods very own authority over everything there is and His ability to do anything. Human limitations mean nothing to it and if put to action, it clears the dirtiest tracks, flattens the highest mountains and overcomes everything coming against you. 
Receive that “power from on high” and be the overcomer that Jesus is!
(Luke 24,49 & Acts 2,1-8.37-47)