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Delight in the Lord

01 Jun 2018

Delight thyself also in the Lord; 
and he shall give thee the desires of thine heart.

Psalms 37,4

God cares about your prosperity more than you do yourself! 
He loves you and wants that you do WELL, that you are HAPPY and that you live in ABUNDANCE. 

To live that way is not selfish, but it is a lifestyle that glorifies God! 

The world should look at you and see how GOOD God truly is. A God that heals the sick, that pays off debts, a God that gives success and wisdom, a God that turns impossible situations into your success and that ALWAYS gives you the victory,… 

He put it in His word, so that you NEVER EVER have to doubt again, what His will for you is!

All needs met, all desires fulfilled and life in heaven on earth.
(Psalm 37,4 & Philippians 4,19 & Ephesians 1,3)

No matter if you want a house, a car, a airplane, a boat, a husband, a wife, a child or just a nice holiday, God WILL give you those desires. 

It won't just set you free, but it will most of all glorify God, because you will finally show to all the world how GOOD your God truly is! 

There is nothing that you cannot have as child of God!
He promised you that He will give you EVERYTHING that you NEED, that He will give you whatever you DESIRE and on top of that He blessed you with EVERY blessing in heavenly places!
Everything you need is to delight in the Lord. Anchor yourself in His promises and all your needs will be met, your desires will be fulfilled and blessing will surround you! (Psalm 37,4 & Philippians 4,19 & Ephesians 1,3)