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Be Happy Nonetheless

30 May 2018

For if I make you sorry (sad),
who then is he that maketh me glad but he that is made sorry (sad) by me.

2 Corinthians 2,2

Sadness and depression is not from God. It comes straight out of the enemies camp and the devil will do his best to get you to the point where you speak about your depression day in and day out, because that way he can get you and others into a viscous cycle. 

If you have “reasons” to be sad and then tell everyone about how sad you are, your sadness will affect those people and if those close to you are sad as well, you will have none that can bring your joy back. 

It might sound a little foolish, but that really is a viscous cycle! 

That way, small problems can be greatly amplified and bigger ones can be kept for decades, because people will constantly remind you of it, show sympathy, etc...

Especially when you have “reasons” to be sad and depressed, YOU need to make the decision to rejoice anyway, because that is the only way you can keep the devil out and the blessing in! 

Your friends, your family and everyone around you should be a source of joy to you, but if that is not the case in your life, then don't try and find the fault with them. Just sow even more joy, because whatever you sow, you WILL (with 100% certainty) reap. 

Keep your feelings to yourself and don't pull others into a viscous cycle. Choose the joy of the Lord, no matter what your situation might be, and your joy combined with the joy of others will get you out of your ditch! 

No matter how bad the situation, there should be no place for depression/sadness in your life, because your depression will affect others and once they are sad too, no one will be there to bring back your joy! If you sow depression and sadness, that is exactly what you will get back. 
Resist depression in your life and rejoice in the midst of it, for joy is the force that will bring you out on top and break your circle of depression!
Rejoice in the Lord instead of sharing your feelings. It will change your life!
(2. Corinthians 2,1-4)