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Don't Deny the Power

29 May 2018

…having the appearance of godliness, but denying its power.
Avoid such people!

2 Timothy 3,5

It is often easy to think of others when looking at this verse, but can you say with full conviction that you always and everywhere look to God first and totally rely on Him and His power? 

God has all power in heaven, on the earth and under the earth, and He transferred it to you, so that you can now be complete (godly) and act in total authority (power). 

Gods own power is within you, but are you one of the ones that knows it, but is still not willing to live it, or are you one of the ones that doesn't deny its power and always looks to God and His ability FIRST, no matter the situation?

The world, you yourself and God doesn't need people that just act all holy but live like everyone else! 
God, I, you and the world needs people that live God-conscious and don't deny His power. 

Those are the people that enjoy Gods power in their life, that can tell you volumes of testimonies and that you ought to be just like! 

Don't be someone that just acts holy and lives like the rest of this world. Be different and live the power of God, so that it blesses you and everyone else that comes in contact with you. 
Strive to always seek God and His power in all your circumstances FIRST, and you will live in a manifestation of God that will draw people to you in the multitudes! 

There are many people that seem to be godly, but still deny its power to change your whole life. Don’t be one of those and don’t be around the ones that are!
God has the power to do all things and made a way for you to use it, but as long as you don’t look to Him in every situation you’re facing, He won’t be able come through for you. Let God be the first one you turn to when you are facing any kind of problem and look to His power more than anything else. 
Those people are the ones that see results and enjoy Gods working power!
(2. Timothy 3,1-9)