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Wisdom is Better!

28 May 2018

How much better to get wisdom than gold!

Proverbs 16,16

Wisdom is far greater and far more powerful than you thought, and if you just had a bit more revelation on wisdom, you could understand why Salomo asked for it. 

Wisdom was with God from the beginning and even before anything was created, wisdom was there. Everything that God does and all His mighty works happen through wisdom, and Jesus himself is wisdom! 

So when Salomo asked for wisdom, he not only asked for more insight, but he also asked for Gods complete authority and for Jesus himself. 
That's why it's not a big surprise that God didn't only give him insight, but also riches, goods and honor. 

God himself thinks that it's wise to have riches in abundance (even His streets are pure gold), and so it shouldn't be far from your understanding, that with His wisdom God also gave you the ability to get riches and spend them wisely. 

Furthermore, Gods wisdom is the path to your joy and strength. She is the ability to master your life and to live above your circumstances. She is the power that causes all your plans to succeed and summed up, she is your ability to do EVERYTHING! (Nothing is impossible with Jesus Christ and therefore nothing is impossible with wisdom!)

Get a revelation of the authority that lies within wisdom and then ask God for it. Know that in the moment that you asked, you also received it, and then start living in it!

If you rely on that wisdom and do nothing without it, it won't be long until God will write books about your wisdom, your glory and your riches too! 

Wisdom is more than just knowing what to do and when to do it. 
Wisdom is the way by which God created everything and the way by which He does all His mighty works! 
Jesus himself is referred to as wisdom and if you have Him, you have everything you could possibly need. He is your joy and your strength, your ability to master your life, the success to your plans and your ability to do anything! 
Ask for wisdom today and don’t spend another day living without!
(2. Chronicles 9,1-12)