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Build your Castle on the Rock

27 May 2018

Everyone then who hears these words of mine and does them
will be like a wise man…

Matthew 7,24

God compares a doer of His word with a man that builds his house on a rock and therefore stays untouched by the storms and winds of this world, whereas the one that only hears His word and doesn't do it, is like a man building his house on sand. (verse 24-27) 

Both men are hearers of the word. They heard Gods word, go to church, have CDs at home,… and both of them build their house out of those words, but once it gets a little rough, only the one that actually ACTED upon the word remains!

You might be surrounded by Gods word day and night, you might have listened to all your CDs 10 times over and you might be able to quote 100 passages out of the bible, but as long as you are a not a doer of the word, it will profit you NOTHING. 

All you did was build a huge castle on a sandy foundation, and when the tiniest breeze comes, your fall will be great. (And that breeze will come for sure!) 

It would have been better, if you would have only heard one verse, received it and done it, because then you would only have a small cabin, but that cabin would have been build on the rock. 

That small cabin will outlast every storm, every wind and no flood will wash it away.
With that cabin you will outlast all storms of your day to day life, whether it's strife, depression, fears, worries,… and if you take time, you can of corse rebuild your small cabin into a castle. 

So make the decision TODAY, to be a doer of the word and start building your dream-castle on the good ground, in which you will always find peace and safety, no matter how bad the “weather” in your surroundings might be!

The word of God is far above all your problems and cares, and if you are willing to be a doer, the word will lift you up into a place where YOU rule over all your circumstances, instead of your circumstances ruling you!

Hearing the word of God is great, but if you are not willing to do it after you heard it, you are in for a great fall! 
Floods and storms will always come your way, whether it’s in the form of strife, fear or anything else, and those storms will always reveal whether you have been a doer or a don’t-er! 
Be the wise man that chose to do the word, so that you are unmoved no matter how hard the storm might blow. You will never regret being a doer of the word of God! (Matthew 7,24-29)