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Correct Prayer

26 May 2018

Ask, and it shall be given to you…

Matthew 7,7

Your prayer should be more than just a few empty words spoken in desperation. 
It should be a thought through and planned out sowed seed, for if you sow your prayers as seed, under the right circumstances, then they won't be empty any longer, but ALWAYS bring forth whatever you asked for. 

If you pray/ask, you are always sowing a seed and are hoping to receive whatever you prayed about, but you will only receive it if you sowed the right seed, if the ground you sowed it in was good, if you treated your seed correctly and if you harvest the fruit when it's ready! 

Gods word is the best seed that you could ever sow in prayer. (Luke 8,11) 

Isaiah 55,11 says, that if you return Gods word to Him, then He will be able to do His word in your life and bring to pass whereunto He sent it. 
So if you don't pray your own words anymore, but instead use Gods words for your situations, then you will always have the good seed that produces a good tree and plenty of fruits. 

After you then sowed your good seed in prayer on Gods ground, you have to withstand by faith and hold on to your promises, until you can see the tree and can pick its fruits. 

In addition, you need to think about how you should treat your seed once you sowed it.
Do you water your seed? Or do you dig it out every few hours, to see if it already grew? Do you nurse the seed and the tree well? Do you harvest your fruits when they are ripe, or do you wait for God to pick them for you? 

Once you understood those principles of sowing and reaping and applied them to your prayer life, you will become one of the few that enter through the narrow gate and find life. (Matthew 7,12-14) 
You will be one of the few that enjoy the highest form of blessing (zoe - life) right here and right now. 

BE one of the few. Sow your good seed and harvest the promised fruits! 

Prayer shouldn’t be something quick, just because you have a need to be met right now. It should be very well thought through and planned, as if it were a seed that you want to produce a tree and fruits for you to eat.
In fact, prayer is a seed and if you sow the good seed (Gods word) into the good ground and treat it right, it will always produce good fruits and bring forth whatever you asked for. 
When you come before God today, plant the seed for your future!
(Matthew 7,7-14 & Isaiah 55,11)