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Love God in Your Actions

25 May 2018

…he who is loving me shall be loved by my Father,
and I will love him, and will manifest myself to him.

John 14,21

It is important to understand that Gods love and the manifestation of His love are not the same thing. 

Everyone knows that God loves them, but most people wonder why nothing is happening in their lives and then conclude that God loves them, but doesn't really want to do anything for them, or that His love is just powerless. 

That's at least the way I thought about it until I finally understood John 14,21. 

God loves you and everybody else so much, that He gave His only son, and that love holds so much power, that it gave us EVERYTHING that you could ever ask for. 

Because He loves you, you are His child; because He loves you, you have access to His healing; because He loves you, you can finally live in prosperity and have success; because He loves you, He gave you ALL the promises in His word!

--> There is great power and all ability in Gods love (God is love). 

 If  His love manifests in my life, it will clean out all the bad and bring ONLY BLESSING! 

That manifestation of God in your life works just like the new birth. Only if YOU make the decision, Gods love can act and cause you to be born again. But if you decide against God, then He will still love you, BUT His love will never manifest and therefore you will not be born again!

So only if YOU continually choose Gods path in all you do, His love will manifest in your life and only then will you be able to see Gods works in your life. Then you will be astonished and amazed at how great and powerful His love truly is! (It's not a feeling. It's raw power!)

Gods love for people and the manifestation of His love are not the same thing. 
God loves everyone, no matter what you do, but the manifestation of His love is completely dependent on your works!
Only if you make the decision to actively love God and be His friend, He will be able to manifest His love in your life, and when His love manifests it will force out the devil and all the curses he brought upon you! (John 14,21-25)