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Hannes Lerke

God has filled me with a passion for his Word. Out of the abundance of his love I receive power, time and revelations for my daily devotional. Besides running my own ministry I study medicine. This devotional is also translated into Norwegian and Spanish.

The fulfilled Life

18 Dec 2018

Every human being has a desire for God. Some know that it is God they desire, but don’t know how to get to Him, while others don’t want to realise it and they seek to satisfy their desires some oth... continue reading

When God Comforts

17 Dec 2018

Most of my Christian life, I thought that the Holy Spirit was only a comfort for us, so that we can get over the sad departure of Jesus more easily, and that is why I always wished that Jesus was s... continue reading

He remains in You

16 Dec 2018

Over decades we have been told that God cannot remain in us as long as we sin and do bad things. We were told that we have to go to confession, that we have to seek God in a church or that we have ... continue reading

Stick with the first Love

15 Dec 2018

Very often it is the people that just got saved that also see big breakthroughs, experience big things with God or receive things that you have been praying for the past few years. I have seen that... continue reading

A tomorrow that's better than today

14 Dec 2018

We are often caught in the same situation as Israel was back then. God promised them a land that flows of milk and honey, He brought them right to it and lead them there. Today you are facing the b... continue reading