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Hannes Lerke

God has filled me with a passion for his Word. Out of the abundance of his love I receive power, time and revelations for my daily devotional. Besides running my own ministry I study medicine. This devotional is also translated into Norwegian and Spanish.

God in You - A small Whisper

16 Jul 2018

Too many people seek God in the spectacular nowadays and completely forgot what Gods voice actually sounds like.We are often so caught up in all our circumstances, that we don't take time to hear f... continue reading

Who do You say that He is?

15 Jul 2018

This simple question, “Who am I?”, that Jesus asked His disciples, is still discussed a lot nowadays and some say that Jesus was a prophet, others say that He was a teacher, and some even think tha... continue reading

You are NOT the Provider

14 Jul 2018

When I heard this verse in a sermon the other day, God spoke directly to my heart and rephrased this sentence in a way that makes the devils intention clearer. He said: “If you truly are the son of... continue reading

Don't Tolerate Fear

13 Jul 2018

Many people are scared of a lot of things nowadays. There are huge lists with all kinds of fears that you can possibly have and people often think that you are naive if you are not scared of anythi... continue reading

Efficient Endurance

12 Jul 2018

We often find ourselves in situations, in which we have to endure/hold our ground, and those usually show up after we have made the decision to trust in Gods word and follow His ways. As soon as t... continue reading