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Hannes Lerke

God has filled me with a passion for his Word. Out of the abundance of his love I receive power, time and revelations for my daily devotional. Besides running my own ministry I study medicine. This devotional is also translated into Norwegian and Spanish.

Unity is Power

29 Mar 2020

The devil uses division wherever he can, to make you weak and then steal from you, kill you and destroy you. No matter if it's in your family, in your relationship, in your church (body of Christ) ... continue reading

Finally Results

28 Mar 2020

The only type of prayer that most people know nowadays is praying for the same situations/problems daily, and they think that the more often they pray it, the sooner God is going to hear them and m... continue reading

Listen to your Spirit

27 Mar 2020

Your words have the power to decide over life and death, and that not only for where you spend eternity, but also for every situation your facing in your day to day life. Even when you talk to your... continue reading

Reach your Goals

26 Mar 2020

To be a believer doesn't only mean to believe that God exists and to believe that one day you might go to heaven. Our faith lifts us far above the rest of this world and grants us access to the gre... continue reading

Shake off the Dust

25 Mar 2020

In Luke 9,1-6, Jesus didn't only talk to his disciples. He also spoke to YOU.Jesus gave you all power and authority to proclaim the kingdom of God and to tell and show everyone that you come in con... continue reading