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Hannes Lerke

God has filled me with a passion for his Word. Out of the abundance of his love I receive power, time and revelations for my daily devotional. Besides running my own ministry I study medicine. This devotional is also translated into Norwegian and Spanish.

Does it glorify God?

15 Sep 2019

People always want to have lists of what is right and wrong. All the questions about what the bible says about drugs, smoking, drinking and many other things for which you might not have found anyt... continue reading

Use the Power of Your Words

14 Sep 2019

God promised you in Deuteronomy 31,8 that He will never leave you or forsake you. Therefore you don’t have to be afraid or down anymore, because God surrounds you with all of His potential. ... continue reading

Use your Spiritual Eyes

13 Sep 2019

If you are reading this, then you have obviously learned to see with your physical eyes and to use them in your life. Did you already know though, that besides those physical eyes you also have spi... continue reading

Let it be done to You according to Gods Word

12 Sep 2019

Gods word is powerful and able, and once He releases it, it works and is valid forever! No matter who receives it and when they receive it. His word is NEVER without power!So what does that mean? I... continue reading

Be willing to Live for Him

11 Sep 2019

God already meant a lot to me as a child and it was important to me that He was pleased with me and I wanted to know that I love Him enough and do the right things. But since I didn’t know God pers... continue reading