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Hannes Lerke

God has filled me with a passion for his Word. Out of the abundance of his love I receive power, time and revelations for my daily devotional. Besides running my own ministry I study medicine. This devotional is also translated into Norwegian and Spanish.

Find God in the Now

12 Dec 2019

Everywhere in the world people are trying to get closer to God, to get to know Him and to start a relationship with Him, by trying to find Him in philosophy, in tradition, in religion or in other p... continue reading

3 Steps to Victory

11 Dec 2019

This is not the only time in the Bible that that blessing was spoken. God also spoke the same blessing over Noah and others in the old testament, and even when Jesus blessed people or blessed the f... continue reading

Individual Guidance

10 Dec 2019

The old testament is is not filled with the old covenant and commandments. It has many clues about the new covenant that You have with God through Jesus, and even in the old testament we can learn ... continue reading

From Miracles to the Blessing of the Lord

09 Dec 2019

I always used to think that living the life that Israel had when they were on their way to the promised land would be awesome, because it was full of miracles and because then I could see God throu... continue reading

The excellent Way

08 Dec 2019

From the beginning on people have tried to make it on their own. They tried to get closer to living in their dreams and so they created many different strategies, some of which are based on the bib... continue reading